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Thanks for the ink, Cooper! I've gotten many reassuring e-mails today letting me know that we weren't the only couple riding roughshod during those first 12 weeks after childbirth. This was very comforting to know. We're not completely out of the woods yet but we've learned relationship lessons that I'm sure will last well into the future.

Pink Poppy

That made me laugh! I remember that time of my life--almost 10 years ago. Except Hubby and I got to live it out in the glare of the media. Yeah. THAT'S fun. Living in a "glass house" definitely adds an interesting diminsion to being a new parent. The good news is that we did SUCH a good job of looking happy and well rested that we now have loads of press photos and newspaper articles showing what fabulous new parents and loving spouses we were. LOL! Our children will look back and think, "How'd they DO it? We are SOOO not worthy!". Thank goodness that babies have VERY short memories and that the walls DON'T talk.

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