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I love this post. How wonderful of that woman - it goes to show a smile or nice comment goes a long way. Since I've had children, I find myself giving that reassuring smile or nod when I see moms out with their kids. I would bet that woman on the plane isn't a mother.


GREAT ADVICE! I'm definitely going to do more of this in the future. But you're right. A little kindness does go a long way. We had a similar experience flying recently. The fact that everyone was so nice definitely relieved a lot of stress.


I have so BEEN THERE, girlfriend! I've been surprised by people who were incredibly kind and gracious with my kids (not often enough, mind you), and each time I've thought I need to make sure I keep my own bar that high.

Pink Poppy

What a great story! I find myself in that situation a lot...especially at church. For some reason, our children are generally the most well-behaved children at church. I don't complain. But I don't know why they choose to behave at church.

Anyway, it makes the other parents feel really anxious when our kids sit there so quietly for an hour and 15 minutes while theirs scream and squirm. I always turn around and say, "It's okay. They're not bothering us" and "I remember the day", because ya' know what? I'm still IN the day. Just not EVERY day! LOL!

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