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Nothing but the family and the clothes on our backs.

It's taken a while for me to realise that the only important things in our house are us. (She says that with the house crammed to the hilt with things she has trouble throwing away).

If I had to start again tomorrow with nothing, as long as the children are happy and healthy and we have each other, then that's a good starting point for me.

I love that last quote and maybe that should be my mantra to clear the house. Thanks.


Well-known autism author Chantal Sicile-Kira wrote a wonderful blog post last week on Huffington Post. She has an eighteen year old son who is autistic, and a fifteen year old daughter. Her day-by-day descriptions of her evacuation are especially vivid.

Aldon Hynes


I'm glad you picked this up and ran with it. Another friend, who lives just north of San Diego has also written about this and I've added a new blog post with additional thoughts on Orient Lodge.



As long as we were all safe, I would pack up the laptop and the photos that aren't digital. Everything else can be replaced. And maybe throw my camera in to take pictures on the way out.


Assuming, of course, that my family was safe, I would take my dad's medals from WWII, which he gave me to give to my son, my framed portrait of my grandparents, and my wedding photos.

Cynthia Samuels

I actually had to think this through because we lived in Malibu for seven years. It was no contest, really. I kept the photo albums in tote bags in the room by the front door because of course they would go... and was able to disconnect our computers and get them into the car in no time. There weren't nice huge hard drives then but now I'd grab those same albums and my backup hard drive. And the dog, of course. And my phone.

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