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That's really, really cool - well the whole story is. The fact that you a. Got to meet Oprah and b. because you were on her show and c. because she actually took your suggestion. Really, really cool.

In NH, texting and driving was recently made a Class B Misdemeanor - something that is a crime (and more than say a speeding ticket) but which doesn't carry a jail sentence. I've already seen a bunch of people in court for it (I'm a lawyer) even though it is only a few months old.

Ms. Mary Mack

This is great. You're effecting change.(Plus, it's one of the better "I met Oprah" stories I've heard!)

I just filed a story for a major women's magazine about texting while driving. Slated to run later in the summer. I'll be sure to fwd it to TheMotherhood when it's out.

Emily - TheMotherhood

Melissa, it's so cool to hear you're already seeing the law in effect. Let's hope word spreads quickly - helped by the people who you're seeing in court!!!

Emily - TheMotherhood

Ms Mary Mack, That's fantastic!!!! I'm SO looking forward to reading your article!!! When you have a link, let me know and we'll put it up in TheMotherhood and on Mom Sends the Msg (www.momsmsg.com) too. So great!!!


I am in utter support of this. I have never really been one to talk much on the phone while driving, even though I have had a phone since the early '90s when it still came in a big bag. I have always had one for safety and have never sent a text while driving.

Why do people feel they need to get caught up with someone while on the road? turn up the music and have your own personal concert, like the good old days keep the phone calls for work and home.

Oh and in Ontario, Canada they passed a law for hands-free use of cell phones only, still see people texting and talking but not as many as a year ago.


BeachMama, I had the same phone in a bag!  And back then, the technology was so new it was practically unheard of to talk while driving - unless you were a studio exec driving on LA freeways.  Ancient history, I know.

ericka @ alabaster cow

hi from the mbc!

that is incredible! you've done a wonderful thing and have helped to make the roads safer. going to check out themotherhood.com now!


Hi Ericka, Thanks for your enthusiastic comment!  So looking forward to seeing you in TheMotherhood too!!


Yes, way cool...but, not surprising -- way to go, themotherhood.com!!!


Liz, you ROCK, girlfriend!!!  xoxo

Yum Yucky

I am guilty. And it stops. Today.


I wish you all could have seen that moment when Emily asked Oprah about instituting a distracted driving employee policy at Harpo. It was INCREDIBLE. Oprah paused and thought. Then, it was like a light went off. Amazing to witness. She looked hard at Emily and firmly said, "Tomorrow." It was awesome. I was so proud of Emily.


Awww, Cooper, so nice!  The whole day was such an incredible experience, wasnt it?!  Wild and indelible. 


Yum Yucky, you ROCK!

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