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Annual Guy

My mom recently told me a story about a "little thing" that has turned into a "big thing" for her. We were talking about some of things her parents would do for her as a child that were part of a daily routine.

She remembered her father taking her into the bathroom before dinner every night and washing her hands and she would look into the sink and see his big hands cleaning her little hands and how that is still "so clear" after 50+ years.

It would become a routine she expected as a child and now treasures as a grandmother herself, and as a strong memory of her father. My mom's dad passed away when she was a young teenager, but she still remembers "like it was yesterday" his big hands wrapped around hers before dinner.

I've been Potty training our three year old boy for the last ten years it seems. It's been real fun, he might make it out of pull-ups by six or seven.

But I have found new joy in making sure we wash our hands together each time he makes and/or misses the bowl. It's just as good as the "Pee Pee in the Potty" dance. I pay more attention to brushing my daughters' hair, I love when my baby gazes at his fingers, and I think more about my hands as they pass before my child's eyes.

So even though you are caught in the middle between big and little, the little may become that big someday.

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