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As a NYC father about to enter the full contact sport of getting your child into pre-school (blond and blue eyed does not make the cut for affirmative action), I am seeking advice on child resume padding!! I am not sure if I am kidding.


I think for each of us there is a little of the hyper-parenting (or should I be hyper-parenting)thing going on. When you don't have your kids in piano, dance, girl/boy scouts, soccer, silly science, karate and everything else all at the same time it seems like it is inevitable that you get comments like, "Why don't you have them signed up?"


My girls - 2 and 9 months - aren't in the overscheduled zone...yet. I have the same fear that one day they'll blame me for their lack of extracurricular activities or worse that it will hurt their "chances" in some way. Eh... we can't afford Ivy League anyway.

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