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I would have bought it AND had a head-on collision because I looked more at my little darling than what was in front of me!


I know what you mean! I still have my mirror so that I can see my 9-month old, but most of the time, I just rely on my 3-year-old to say "Hey Mom, Ellie's hat is over her head" or "Is it ok for Ellie to go to sleep?" In general we can always rely on my 3-year-old to give us a minute-to-minute play-by-play on what Ellie's up to. It's great that her sister watches out for her, but I must admit, it does get to be a bit much at times.


How true! We bought a minivan when we had the babies to make things easier. An easier it is...easier for me to walk back 3-4 times during a trip to take a peek at the babies!

Pink Poppy

I'm embarrassed to say it, but if that had been available when Son 1 was born, we would have been the proud owners of several of them. Yep. Anal parents to the max, we were (note the pasttense...)

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