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Poor guy! My son has a good chip out of his front tooth from banging it on the tub. Luckily it is cosmetic, no damage to the root, but still.

We have a pediatric dentist - if your health plan covers it, sign yourself up. It's worth it.

(How you doin'?)


We have a pediatric dentist, too. I agree that it's worth it. My son actually says he wants to be a dentist when he grows up, and the poor kid has already had root canal,then had that tooth extracted. If he can still think dentists are cool after all that, then the ped. dentist is definitely worth it to us.

(And, no, we didn't put him to bed with a bottle, and he rarely has candy, and almost never has pop. The dentist said the likely culprit for our dental woes is the kid's fondness for bread, crackers, and starchy foods. Go figure).


I know dogs and kids are not the same thing (most of the time), but my sister had a similar situation with her dog's groomer. Her dog is a perfectly calm animal and normally very easy to groom, but this one place insisted next time he would have to be sedated before she brought him in, or they couldn't work on him. Huh?

Jerri Ann

My sentiments exactly "can we take it home?". My cousin is the dental asst at our dentist and I call her the night before I have an appt to make sure they don't just *happen* to be out of that stuff.....good stuff...then.....while pg I had to have a tooth worked on. I had been warned .... 2 years prior that it was in bad shape and it chose mid-pg to go crazy. I can't imagine why anyone would have dental work done without the magic...that was plainly just torture...yep! Hope your guy is all better soon.


What a kid. :) What a day that must have been!


OMG, I just finished a post about my 3yo's first trip to the dentist and how we'll be needing to get some work done. You made me feel *much* better about it - thanks!

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