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Yes, you do have a great mom! And I also voted for sleep...zzzzzz


I think you remained remarkably composed. I'm British and we don't have snakes in London. However, now that I am Stateside I can say without doubt that I would be the first one running screaming from the yard with my 8 year old calling after me "Mummy! Mummy! It's just a snake..." I have goosepimples now.


That is hilarious! You explained the story great - I felt like I was right there with you. I know you were in horror, but I was laughing OUT LOUD! And your mom...what a woman!


Okay, your mom totally rocks. I will spare you the long story, but once (mercifully while my husband was home) a black snake with white rings got into our house. I leapt on the kitchen counter and called 911. My husband ultimately captured the snake, but when the cops arrived, one of them admitted he was scared of snakes, and the other one asked if we wanted him to shoot it.

autumn hour

okay, i'm laughing too hard right now and need to stop it before my coworkers bust in on me (i'm eating lunch at my desk) and demand that i share whatever is making me laugh. and the story by becki... made me laugh even harder!


All, too funny! Otis is The MAN, and your Mom rocks. I love the idea of the cop shooting the snake. LOL

Jerri Ann

This is funny. Some folks around "these parts" believe that a snake isn't dead until the sun goes down, no matter how you think you killed it. So, you kill it, then you wait til the sun goes down to move it because as long as the sun is up, it can still get you! Bahahahah I hate snakes, I don't like talking about snakes, I don't like it and I'll probably dream of them tonight. Two summers ago there were chickens in this barn near where I house would be. Therefore chicken snakes were everywhere. They don't hurt people, they merely eat chickens and...well I don't care, I want them dead either way.

Last year as this place became my actual home, we saw less chicken snakes but there were no chickens there and hadn't been in some time. But still a few chicken snakes lingered. I would flip the freak out evertime I saw one. I could juse see Walker picking one up and say "wook mama". OH. MY. GOD. Thus far this year, no chicken snakes and they have cut down all the weeds, trees and everything and it is all clear so maybe they are gone for good. Plus we are about to buy a goat and goats will keep the snakes gone b/c snakes don't like goats b/c goats eat their food.

Did you ask for a science lesson chickens, chicken snakes, goats and snakes in general? Of course not but that is just what you get for allowing me to find you blog and enjoy reading from it!

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