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I have gently used baby toys (lots); diapers sizes newborn-3; babyfood; formula; baby clothes; puzzles; coloring books and various toys for ages 1-3.


I have gently used boys clothes, ages 3-5; I have gently used clothes for girls age 10. I can send toiletry items, also.


[THESE HAVE BEEN DONATED.] I have Toys: two new dolls-- one Bratz, one Barbie. Also new set of bath crayons and sponge, and a Playmobil alien & spaceship set (ages 3+).


I have formula, gently used clothing for 0-9mo. boy and also some gently used boys 2-3 year clothing, gently used baby blankets, variety of gently used toys for 0-9mo.(plastic teether-type stuff, plush toys, stuffed animals, rattles, etc.), gently used Graco baby swing

Don Ball

Where are you located? I'm organizing a bus/caravan from Minnesota to TX/AR/MS (not sure where yet) to drop off stuff and take refugees up north to their adopted temporary housing.

Don Ball
[email protected]


Illinois family will provide free housing and food to a hurricane Katrina family in need. New Trier school district is one of the top in the country. We will help with finding a job, doctors appointments and school. We can come and pick you up. [email protected]


Sadly, we just did a big clean out and sent most of our no-longer-needed items items to the Salvation Army. But I think we have left two unopened cans of powdered Isomil formula,some summer (girl) outfits in size 18-24 months, a few gently used cotton infant blankets, about ten jars of Gerber Tender Harvest Stage 2 baby vegetables and fruits and six Dr. Brown's 8 oz. baby bottles (can these be donated; we used them for about a week).

Concerned Mom

I know its not much..but I have 4 boys aged 8 - 13 and they have alot of clothes and shoes, all sizes. My husband and I also have clothes, lots of different sizes - nice enough for job interviews. I also have a friend with 4 girls aged 2 - 12 that have alot of clothes in all sizes. We will pay to ship them to you. We may be able to come up with other necessities, just let us know what you need. God Bless you and your families.

Paige Watkins

I have gently used girls and boys clothes ranging from 3 months to 4 years. I also have four new boxes of infant cereal

Sky Yonally

I have boys clothing sizes 8-10, also a lot of toys for that age group, and books! Also, kitchen supplies? And mens clothes size L-XL, and womens sizes 8-10.


[THESE HAVE BEEN DONATED.]I have boys clothes, size 2 - 4T in good condition, plus toys and books (LOTS of books) for boys of the same age.

Thank you for doing this. I have tears in my eyes as I'm typing. Sending love and hope for the future from Canada...

Imperfect Mommy

I have girls clothing, sizes NB to 5T. We have women's clothes ranging from size 6 to 10 (I think I can part with my skinny clothes) and men's clothing ranging from size 36-38 pants and L/XL tops. I have toys, stuffed animals, dolls that are in the same age range. I am willing to go out and buy formula, water, diapers, hygiene supplies -- anything. I will also pay to ship.


I have women's clothing, size 6, mostly casual/business casual, and some shoes, size 8.5. If you're desperate for an interview suit, I have a red one (power color?). I have toddler shoes (boys--could be unisex) sizes 7-9. I have a random assortment of pots, dishes, silverware. I have at least half a dozen like-new stuffed animals suitable for 1-3 years, lots of other gently-used 6mos--2 years soft toys, a dozen baby/child books (g'night moon, etc.)


I have:
* gently used baby boy clothes sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months
* gently used baby girl clothes size 18-24 months
* fleece sleepers size 0-6 months
* lots of gently used baby blankets

I'm willing to buy diapers, formula, etc.

I can pay to ship. Please email me: mary dot tsao at gmail dot com.


I have a crib and crib mattress that I am willing to donate, but can't possibly afford to ship it from Northern California (central valley). If anyone is going that way, and we can hook up with someone who has a place to put a crib and a need for one... I'd be glad to send it to someone in need of a place for their baby to sleep.


I have baby and childrens clothing both gently used and suitable for play. Boys clothing newborn to 9 months. Girls clothing newborn to 2T.

I also have a wide range of plus sized maternity clothing.

I have several bags and boxes of childrens toys. The toys are both boys and girls and general non-gender specific. Ages 3 and under.

Please email me if you have a need.

I am in in northcentral Oklahoma for anyone passing through who would like to pick items up to take with them to Louisiana and Mississippi.

This will be needed for the baby swing, exersaucer and bouncy seat along with a baby/toddler bathtub.


One other thing. I also have an infant carrier/car seat. VERY gently used. Only used for six months and was well taken care of.


We have:

boys' clothes (ages infant to 3 y.o.), infant blankets/sheets - all in very good condition

toys for small children - including many stuffed animals, 100+ hot wheel cars, "infant" toys - all in good condition, lots of kids' books

miscellaneous baby things: double stroller with car seat (barely used), highchair, baby swing (may not need immediately but something to think about later???)

blow-up toddler mattress

various adult-sized blankets/sheets

Willing to ship all things. Also willing to purchase other needed supplies: diapers, formula, school supplies, etc.

Also, willing to help a family with transportation costs if they are relocating.

Corinne Filipek

[GOODS HAVE BEEN DONATED TO A FAMILY STAYING IN IL] i have some slightly used women's summer clothing sizes 12-16. i am also willing to donate anything else that is needed and ship it. [email protected]

Melissa in Georgia

My house burnt down when I was a jr in high school and people helped us, so I want to help someone else.

I have two boys, age 9 months and 2. I am a size 10-12. My husband is an XL, 38 waist. We can donate clothing and other baby and toddler items. I would be willing to adopt a family with similar family ages and sizes and send all I can. Please let me know and we can try to figure out how to get you enough to get you started. I just recently became a stay at home mom, so I have suits or casual clothes. Most of my husbands clothes are work clothes. [DONATED TO TWO FAMILIES]


I have women's clothing - all seasons, that was waiting for a yard sale - sizes 5-6 & small. Lots of Tshirts and some blouses from when I worked in an office. Also sweats and pants for fall and winter.

I am also chasing Matt down to clear out his closet so I'll have men's mediums available after this weekend.

We also have extra cat toys. :)


And I forgot - I have TONS of stuffed animals that I am willing to part with so those can be sent to lots of people.


I have two girls - ages 3 1/2 to 4 1/2...so have many gently used clothes for girls from infants to 4T. I also have lots of toys for babies up to 4T. Tons and tons of books.

I also have some women's clothes - size 5/6 and 7/8 to donate.

Amy B

I have some gently used women's clothing in size 4 to 6 in pants/jean/bottoms and medium to large in tops. Some new women's clothing items in many differnt sizes. I have video tapes (sorry, VHS not DVDs) of many, many movies. Diabetic blood glucose testing lancets, brand new in unopened boxes. I also can make toiletry sacks with all new items including a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, a comb, a few bandages, deodorant and a small bottle of shampoo.


I am willing to send diapers, blankets, and other inexpensive necessities. (I'll have to purchase them as needed)


Almost forgot to add my things!

I have a box full of girls' and boys' shoes, from infant/toddler to about age three, and lots of clothes for the same ages. Ditto for stuffed animals.

Jackie in Maine

I am willing to donate any items needed for children, babies, especially school supplies/clothes for school-aged children, as well as diapers, formula, etc. Please e-mail me to let me know where I can mail items and include a wish list of items.


I have girls size 6 and 7 clothing, a little of all seasons, and some 12 to 18 month boy clothes. Lots of various toys and many, many stuffed animals. Also, I have a complete set of dishes and some various cookware and kitchen gadgets. Double bed sheets (2 sets), an umbrella stroller, and I am willing to purchase diapers, formula, baby food, etc if you need it.


I have lots of 0-3 mos baby boy clothes, 18mos-3T boy clothes, and maternity clothes galore (mostly xs-sm). I can also part with some lovely sz 4-8 women's clothes. email me at mama @ cafemama.com

Diane & Laura

We are in New Jersey ....we have plenty of clothes for younger boys and girls ages 6 months to 2 years, ladies clothing in sizes from med to 3xl. Boxes of mixed toys and some smaller baby products. If someone in the south jersey area is collecting or have names and address of those in need ....Please contact us. PRAY!!


[DONATED] I am willing to donate any items needed for babies. I'd love to send a box with clothes, blankets, diapers, formula, etc. Please e-mail me to let me know where I can mail items, your baby's age & gender if you wish, and include a wish list of items.


It's moving to see people being so generous of themselves especially after something like Katrina. I'll post this in my blog for those who are within reach and would like to help the families affected by the hurricane.



•t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, pants (clean, slightly used)
•men's size medium / 32-34 waist
•good for anyone, teens, guys, whoever needs them

reply to this post and I'll send them out right away.

hang in there


[ITEMS HAVE BEEN DONATED] I have lots of baby blankets, clothes for boys and girls, sizes 3 to 18 months, toys for infants and young toddlers. Please e-mail me; I'll be more than ready to send whatever you might need.


I have a few gently used boys clothes, sizes 12,14; toddler girl clothes sizes 12/18 mo & 18/24 months; women's clothes -- mostly pants, jeans, slacks, sizes 12 & 14. And lots and lots of books, for anyone who needs to take their minds off things for a while -- romance novels, fantasy & sf, kids' chapter books, & YA books. Please email me & I'm happy to send out ASAP.


Cheryl Stewart sent us a letter from a shelter in Lousiana, which tells of their specific needs and gives an address:

We have thousands of evacuees here ... families in our schools, churches, store parking lots, some just laying in yards. They have no place to go. Entire families with small children and nothing but the clothes on their backs. We're taking them into our homes and anywhere we can think to house them. The Red Cross will be slow getting here as they are tied up in Baton Rouge & New Orleans areas. In the meanwhile, our community is trying to take care of these people and we're
overwhelmed as there are so many!

The Relief Coordinator for our parish and has given me a list of items we desperately need. We are not asking for money ... only items needed for these people. If you can help with whatever you can send we would be most grateful! Myron & I will make sure they are distributed where needed. We have a lot of donations of soap, toothbrushes, etc so we're ok on those for now.

The following are items we have none or very little of and need desperately:
*Baby Items: baby wipes / disposable diapers/ formula / baby bottles / baby shampoo / baby blankets >anything for babies
*Purell or some type hand sanitizer
*Pillows / blankets
*little T-shirts ( babies to childrens sizes)
*Over the counter pain relievers (tylenol, motrin, tums, alka seltzer, pepto bismol, band-aids, etc)
* color books / colors / board games / books (for kids in shelters)

You can send to:

Marksville City Hall
Attn: Myron Gagnard /Hurricane Relief Coordinator
427 N. Main Street
Marksville, La. 71351
Phone # to the mayor's office for verification: 318-253-9500


We are planning to take as much stuff as we can fit in two vans and a trailer to MS or LA. Baby formula, baby food, diapers, OTC meds, school supplies, sports drinks, etc. Leaving Illinois on Friday night. Any suggestions for shelters or churches or neighborhoods full of refugees that may not be getting all they need from relief agencies who have to focus on the large urban areas? We would like to get this stuff directly into the hands of those who need it ASAP.

Thanks, Jean

Margo Neri

I have women's size 10-14 clothing,coats, shoes size 10-11
teenage girls size 4-6, shoes size 9
Funiture: sofas, chairs, tables

All in New York But I can ship clothes - don't know about furniture- will advise


I can donate baby girl clothes, most gently used. 0-24 months. Blankets, baby toys (gender neutral). All in great condition. I have some kitchen items and other household things that could possibly help a family get started, a good set of pots and pans...

Praying hard for mercy.


My kids' classes at school want to collect supplies to help other kids--clothes, school supplies, etc. Any agency/organization/shelter who can use a collection of these items should email me.



I have women's large size clothing and shoes I would like to donate. Shoes are size 10. Clothing is 1x - 2x tops and pants sizes 18 - 20. Several nightgowns.

I would be happy to ship.

I live in New Jersey. My heart and my prayers go out to all the people in the devasted areas.

Any e-mail communication should be sent to [email protected].

Amy Tavio

I have clothing for many hurricane victims, all gently used in great condition. Last year, I delivered my youngest son prematurely in the middle of Hurricane Frances here in South Florida, so I've been too busy to clean out closets this year. I want to help and will pay to ship items to you at your new residence.

1. Career maternity wardrobe size small: dresses, pantsuits, sweater sets, etc., great for a mother-to-be who may need to work in a professional environment, or banking, or fashion, etc. Very nice.

2. Boys clothes sizes 3T to 5, enough to wardrobe a couple of boys. Both warm weather and cool.

3. Girls clothes size 7-8. An entire wardrobe for a 3rd grader returning to school.

4. Preemie baby clothes for boy.

5. Baby boy clothes sizes newborn to 12 months.

6. Misses clothes Size 2 Regular. Before baby #3 I was 115 lbs, 5 ft 7 in, and no hips. If you are about this size, I have great clothes for you that I am not going to get back into.

7. Also, if your relo takes you to Palm Beach county I have furniture, too (beds, tables, sofas, dressers, etc.)

You can either e-mail me or call me at 561-329-8491.


We are in Fort Lauderdale Florida and can help with 50 XL t-shirts, either picked up by someone going down there or mailed if someone needs them. If you have an address where mail is being delievered please write and I will send them. Also if there is a single mom with a baby who needs help relocating to South FLorida, we could help there also. By helping you find a job, set up an apartment, get babysitting, etc...

Paige Watkins

Would like to add that most of my small baby clothes are girls and and all of my clothes over 2T are boys. I also have various other baby items such as infant carseat, baby blankets, diaper pail and much more that I would be more that willing to part with for this cause!

Paige W.


I have sent the following in an email to all my friends in response to the request from the shelter. I included the text of the letter, including the address.

It is hearbreaking to watch all these people struggle without the basic necessities in life, with no possibilities in sight. I think about trying to live like that, and try to deal with the needs of a baby or toddler, and I just can't imagine.

Some options, all of which can be shipped directly to the shelter:

Drugstore.com offers free shipping on orders over 49.95. While their stuff is a bit more expensive than the stores , you don't have to worry about packing it and shipping it.

CVS.com also ships

discountschoolsupply.com offers free shipping on orders over $59 and they have GREAT prices on arts and crafts stuff-pens, paper, markers, glue sticks, etc.

There is the address and phone # of the mayor's office in Marksville ,LA at the end of this letter if you want to verify this information, as I have not done so. I have confirmed this is indeed the # for city hall, but as it is 11:pm, I'm guessing there is no one there.

Jamie Brown

I cannot buy new clothes, but I have some really wonderful second hand stores in the area. I would like to offer to buy enough clothes for a family that is in need. All I need are sizes and some indication of preference. I will purchase these clothes and ship them free of charge to this family, wherever they may be. I will include other "care package" items as well, as they become available. If this family has children please let me know age/sex and I will also purchase toys to send.

Larissa and Lily

Being all the way in California is difficult to know whether the thing I have would be of any use, or if they'd even reach anyone in time. However, I'd gladly open my small home in Sacramento to any families who could make the trip here.

I have a garage full of girls's clothing from 0-2 years, piles of toys, a box of diapers, wipes, formula, just about everything on the list of needs, if only I wasn't 2 thousand miles away. I'll gladly put them in a Fed Ex box if we think there is a chance they can actually be delivered somewhere useful.

contact [email protected]

Jamie Brown

regarding the above post, all communications should be sent to [email protected]

Jamie Brown

cannot buy new clothes, but I have some really wonderful second hand stores in the area. I would like to offer to buy enough clothes for a family that is in need. All I need are sizes and some indication of preference. I will purchase these clothes and ship them free of charge to this family, wherever they may be. I will include other "care package" items as well, as they become available. If this family has children please let me know age/sex and I will also purchase toys to send.
All communications should be sent to [email protected]


Here are my items. I can ship the clothes on my dime, but I don't think I can ship the larger items. If anyone is planning on staying in Iowa, please email me and we can set a drop off or pick up point.

1) 18 mos. boys winter clothing (large box)
2) Glass top coffee table
3) Osh Kosh stroller
4) Portable stroller (the small fold away one)
5) Excer-saucer (shaped like a car)
6) Mens size 34x32 jeans (4 pair)
7) Various assorted Mens T-shirts Large (very
good condition)
8) Two kitchen chairs (wood)
9) Two kitchen chairs (wood w/fabric seat)

Please email if these items are needed.

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