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I have maternity clothes size small, baby girl clothes sizes infant to 12 months, a bag of new opened pullup diaper pants that I never needed to use for my son, some baby and toddler toys. Please email me if you need any of this and I can mail it out.
God bless.


I have some XL< XXL Please email me if you are intered in them.
May God Bless Each And Everyone.My heart goes out to all of you.

Robin MacDonald

I have clothing for 0-12 months, baby sling, baby towels, soy formula, baby tent, baby bathtub, just about anything for a newborn to 1 year old. I will send everything I have!


I have dozens of books for early and beginning readers. I will ship them to anyone who needs them.

Samantha Almaguer

I have a lot of baby boy clothes from 0-9 months. I also have maternity clothes (size L-XL). I would be happy to ship them to anyone who needs them. My heart goes out to all of you!

mary ann tihey

My company has sent out collectively over 200 boxes sorted of clothing to various areas including Dallas, Ft Worth, Alabama. We are sorting and boxing more of clothes for kids, ladies and men in great shape, new packaged underwear, toiletries. Please let me know where we can send our supplies. We want to help!

Ervin Whitaker

I have an home that will be used to house hurricane Katrina people. I need help fixing it up and providing bedding for them!

Jackie Thompson

My heart goes out to those affected by Katrina. I want to contribute monetarily, but more importantly, directly. I can send
queen size sheet set,blankets
women's plus size 22/24 clothing
men's x-lg. shirts
shampoo, toothpaste, soap,
children's books, videos
kitchen towels. I can mail out the beginning of next week.

Brandi Lopez

Infant Boy Clothing 0-12 mos (most with tags still on them)
recieving blankets, books, baby hygene products, stuffed animals for newborns, etc.
I also have a "costco" box of huggies diapers size 1.
Women's clothes (sweaters, shirts, dresses, skirts) sizes Medium to Large (8-14)
email me with your address and I'll send them to you ASAP!!!

Sharen Taunton

I live in Crowley, La and a lot of evacuees are moving in here. There has been lots of clothes , food , bedding and baby and little kids toys and clothes sent here. I don't see anything for teens. They have lost everything they had and they need cd players , cds gameboys and the things that are so important to teens. These things would mean so much to them and get there minds off the horror they are going thro. I am a grandmother of teens and I know these things are important to them.

Stacey Newton

Hi, my name is Stacey Newton. I live in Hawaii and I have collected almost sixty boxes of new and gently used clothes and need somewhere to ship it. about forty of the boxes are never worn tshirts of all sizes donated by the Hard Rock that couldn't be sold for diffent reasons. We also have baby clothes, men, women, teen, and plus size clothes. My dad works for Delta so I can get a discount on shipping but I need someone on the mainland to take it. Please contact me because I really would rather this stuff go to Katrina, not locally! Thanks, Stacey sanewton@hawaii.edu

Laura Sandstrom

Greetings and thanks to all. We have and would like to offer: 1) a gently used, foldable & portable playmat w/ hanging toys for babies around 3-6 months; 2) a gently used vibrating rocker seat for newborns and older; 3) a bag of toys suitable for infants up to about 6-8 months. Will be happy to send along.

Lori-Anne Henry

I have some infant clothes for a boy ages 0-3 months that are in great condition. This includes onesizies, socks, sleepers, for warm and cool weather, hats, and outfits. If there is a need for these items, please email me, with a address to send the items. Thank you!


I have some children's books (very young children), and a few miscellaneous baby items that don't fit with the family I've already been connected with - if anyone needs these items, please e-mail shayna@weddingsbyshayna.com.


I wanted to thank everyone here that has been so giving and is continuing to give this tragedy attention. As the media and our government move on to other more 'current' topics, there are thousands upon thousands that are still in the most desperate of conditions.

If you'd like to adopt a family, and provide Direct Relief without the redtape...knowing that someone will benefit directly, please go to:


You can also review the help requests at this website from survivors:


I am a wealth of contacts and information about on the ground needs, so if you would like to assist, or get details on where the greatest needs are, I have no intention of 'moving on'. This is a long term committment to helping our fellow American brothers and sisters.

Thanks for being in service,


(Below is a post from the REACH OUT forum at www.nola.com)

My sister-n-law is in need of a baby crib. She lost everything she had for the baby when Katrina flooded the Chalmette home she was renting...so she doesn't even have insurance to reimburse her.
The baby is due at the end of November. If anyone has a crib they wouldn't mind parting with, please contact me scrapaholic444@yahoo.com

Thanks & God Bless!

Margaret Crowder

I am a Katrina Victum from St. Bernard I am at my wits ends. I need help with furniture and Home goods. I am living in Panama City Beach, Fl. I have a little 14 year old girl and Myself. Please call us 504-232-0248


I have a TON of girl baby colthes size 0mon to 24 months. Many are summer colthes, shorts, dreses, t-shirts, hats, ect. I also have several baby blankets. please contact my if you are in need. I am more than happy to help out your little one with clothing! I look forward to helping. contact me at lilpeanut1904@yahoo.com

Michael Schwartz

We have somewhere between 2500 to 7500 pairs of baby shoes to donate to a worthy cause. Most of these shoes are leather lace-up or t-strap shoes. Would like to donate all at one time. Please contact me if there is any interest.

Crystal Little

God Bless,

Looking for Hurricane Katrina victims with little girls, as well as some ladies clothing, I also have boys size 16 and 18.

I've been looking for a site like this for so long, I just typed in what I have to donate and to whom and I found you. I have toddler girl clothing, size 2T, 3T and some 4T. I also have some shoes and sneakers size 7.

I will like for these clothing to go directly to a family in need and not to a place where they are going to store away.

Please contact me right away and let me know what you can use.

Blessings to all...and don't give up.....and still you rise.

Ms. Crystal Little
Hartford, CT

ilyssa Londa

I hope the right people are reading this. I have been collecting things- clothes and toys of different sges to distribute and send to the right people in need. Please contact me asap

Michele Wainwright

Hello I need help for Christmas ,I have a boy4, girl 3,and baby 8 months old cant afford to buy christmas gifts like toys and stuff were in a very tight situation as money goes only for the bills and rent Was wondering if anyone could adopt our family and buy our children stuff for christmas as toys etc..We live at 85Houston street.Depew,NewYork,14043. Any toys would be greatful,or clothes in size 6 toddlers in boys-girls and baby takes 24 months size.as toys for the baby girl just ones that light up or play music safe ones.

Lorraine Carrington

I am a large woman age 63 in a wheelchair and I desperately need clothing. Long dresses to cover my legs and slacks and shirts sweaters all in need of. I live on SS disability and there is absolutely no extra to buy clothes and being a large woman it is hard to find clothes in a thrift shop. I need clothes in roamans size 3X ... can anyone help me. lorrcaratalbanydot net

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