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Hope Martin

I have some miscelaneous toddler girls clothing (9mo-1yr) that I would be happy to send on to someone. A pair of "jellies" sandals, size 4 toddler. And some small toys. Please let me know if you would like them.

Holly Harrison

You all are amazing! Everywhere I look on the web, I see people reaching out to help. I work for the City of San Antonio. I am coordinating Internet resources for Katrina victims in San Antonio. What do I need to do to bring donations to refugees here in San Antonio?

Holly Harrison


Holly, you can take several approaches. One is to let the people you are serving know about the offers of donations in our clearinghouse. If they have access to computers they can contact donors directly on the site and the donors will send things to them at their temporary residences.

Another option is you can tell us about the refugees you are serving -- how many and what they need -- and we can post an address on our site for people to send donations to them through you.

Thanks very much for reaching out to us.

Linda Daniels

I have men's clothing, size extra large (shirts, jeans, sweaters); women's clothing of all sorts size 14; an older digital camera; a set of midget toy cars for a child, pillows; novels (mostly Oprah's Book club). Please contact me with direct shipping info. God Bless and keep you safe, and thanks to all the wonderful hearts and lives going out to help. I am up North, so allow a little time for delivery.


I work for a non-profit organization for children in PA called the Center for Creative Play, & we are very eager to help families in need. We have a large amount of gently-used toys for infants through age 8. Please contact me via email if you are interested. I am extremely excited to have the ability to connect to these children & families; my heart goes out to both the victims & the wonderful people who have opened their homes & lives in these desperate times.

Michelle Zaffary

Linda Daniels

I have men's clothes size XL, Women's clothes size 14; men's shoes and sandals size 10 and size 13; child's set of matchbox cars; older digital camera. Please send addresses of persons in need. I am up North, so allow a few days for shipping. God bless.


I did a little research into efforts in Houston, Texas. There are a number of initiatives launched whereby they are be accepting goods to help the displaced Hurricane Katrina families. If you, like me, don’t live Houston, but still would like to give in-kind donations as well (but many national agencies are not accepting them right now)… thinking perhaps contacting and sending these Houston initiatives your care packages could serve as well. Here’s the info:

1) School Supply Drive for Hurricane Victims: school supply drive to help ease the transition for children who will be attending Houston area Schools until they can return to their homes. Encouraging Houstonians to donate: new children's school supplies, backpacks, tennis shoes and T-shirts, to their local fire stations through this weekend. If you click on the link below, you will have the addresses of the firehouses accepting these goods. The school supplies will be picked up Monday, Sept. 5 and distributed to local school districts. (looks like it’s best to hurry on this one!)

2) Goodwill Industries of Houston is accepting and distributing donations of goods. I spoke to the CEO, Steve Lufburrow, who personally assured me that packages marked for Distribution for Families of Hurricane Katrina will be distributed to families. They particularly need children’s clothing, goods, and diapers as Goodwill normally does not receive those goods. You can send your packages to:

Mailing Address
5200 Jensen Drive
Houston, Texas 77026
Phone and Fax
(713) 692-6221
fax (713) 692-0923

3) The Houston Food Bank http://www.houstonfoodbank.org/Katrina.htm
Specific items that can be donated for disaster relief are:
• Paper Goods - plates, cups, baby wipes, diapers, toilet paper
• Water - Bottled drinking water (No glass containers)
• Single-serving snacks - Pop-Tarts, cereal bars, breakfast cereal
• Peanut butter, bread, mayonnaise, easy-open meats, vegetables
• Heat and eat foods - chili, stew, canned pasta with sauce, canned vegetables, etc.
• Single-serving foods that do not require refrigeration
• MRE's (Meals ready to eat)
• Baby formula, baby food, baby juices
• Personal hygiene products, toothpaste

The Houston Food Bank
The Herzstein Center
3811 Eastex Freeway
Houston, Texas 77026
(713) 223-3700
-- Isabel


Thank you, Isabel. That's great information for people coming to the site.

Steve, Barb and Julia Clark

Please allow us to send you any or all of the following:
twin or double sheets
mens jeans size 36
women's jeans size 16
various kids clothes size 4-6
gently used toys
children's books
Don't hesitate to ask for something other than what we listed. We live all the way up here in Maine, but our hearts are with all of you and those who live nearby who can help with housing. Contact: sjcbdc@maine.rr.com
The Clark Family

Sherry Little

I have baby girl and unisex clothing size 0-12 months and shoes sizes 0-5, bottles, towels, sheets, toys, books and other supplies for babies. Will overnight to you free.


Thank you for posting this. I added your link to my blog.


[ITEMS HAVE BEEN DONATED]We live in KY. But I can mail anywhere. I have girl clothes for 4 -7 years old. Kids books. Women size 8 - 10. Men size 34-36. I have other household goods available. Give me a request and I will see if I have available. tangelobaby@yahoo.com


I have boys clothes age 6,7 approx,used but in good condition,spare towels,ladies clothes,and anything else I can find that would help someone out.

Paula Goldman

We have girl's clothing, sizes 4-5 available, in very good condition. We don't believe in sending used underwear or socks, so any package will include a selection of both, new.

We'll ship, of course.


My prayers go out to everyone affected by the hurricane and I would like to help in any way that I can. I have lots of different sizes of clothing available in infant and toddler girls but the most are in girls clothing size 6-7. I have barbies and girls toys available and kids books for reading etc and I also have alot of womens clothing many many tops in sizes M-XL and womens jeans of any size. Contact me with the size you are looking for and whatever I have in that size I will send to you for free.

Rita Arens

My cousin belongs to a church in Houston that is now seeking donations like what we are offering here. I'm going to direct some of my stuff there - they can take it directly to the dome or to all the families who have taken in strangers. Here's the address to send your stuff:

2. Donate CLOTHING, BABY ITEMS, BLANKETS, etc., to our mission
partner church, Fairbanks UMC, 14210 Aston Street, (By Dean Middle School,
off Fairbanks ­ North Houston, 713-462-3206).


I have tons of baby girl clothes sizes preemie to 18 months. I can also donate some baby shoes, baby towels and wash cloths, a stroller and some baby slings, diapers, diaper bag. Please let me know if there is anything any one needs!


Dear friend of mine in Houston provided me with this link which provides another outlet with information on the relief effort in Houston. They are accepting donations of clothing among other items to provide immediate support to the displaced Hurricane Katrina families.


- Isabel

Rebecca Kline

I have stuffed animals and some adult size L and XLshirts and other clothing.All gently used, and in good condition. I am going to collect from my building and neighbors. I will post more soon

Rebecca Kline

I have stuffed animals and some adult size L and XLshirts and other clothing.All gently used, and in good condition. I am going to collect from my building and neighbors. I will post more soon.


Hi.I Have enough clothing to outfit 3 baby boys and maybe a girl(in generic clothing) in size newborn to size 6=9 months.I also can send diapers and wipes in the size needed.I also have girls clothes in size 12 1/2; 14;1/2.i would be glad to fix a personal hygine kit for the family needing my clothing.


Hi.I also have infant snugli,baby toys,stuffed animals.I can send school supplies.All my clothing items are gently used and washed.

Amanda Wright

I have baby boy clothes up to about 12 months, toys, shoes and toddler girls clothes shoes etc..I also have ladies clothing available. I can mail asap. I would love to help!
God Bless

Vicki Bennett

I have;
women's small to medium clothing
men's medium clothing
teen medium clothing
twin, full and queen bedding
LOTS of soap, shampoo in hotel sizes
children's books
kitchen ware

I can mail asap and would love to help.
Hang in and hang on- you're in our prayers,

Alison Kern

Hi, I'm here in northern NY. I have lots of clothes. Infant boys 0-6 months, 18months-4T girls, 10-12 boys, womens size 12-16, men's 34-38, womens L-XL shirts, mens L-XL shirts, various shoe sizes, twin sheet sets, king size comforter, an infant car seat. I will pay for the shipping and handling. God Bless You.


I hope I can help....

Girls size 2T, 3T and 4T clothing
Jr Girls size 9 and 11 clothing
Little Girls shoes in size 6 and 7
Bjorn Carrier as well as a sling
Women's Medium clothing and size 8.5 shoes
Queen Bedding

Kacey Eppinette

Hi! I live in Monroe,La. Hundreds of evacuees have been relocated to my city and cities nearby. I would like to help families in anyway possible. I have boy clothes 0 months to 18 months. A few toys. I have some adult clothes.Blankets,towels,bedding. I have odds and ends of things people could use. Whatever I dont have that might be needed. I can do whatever I can to try and get. Just give me a list of things needed and I will do whatever I can to get those things to any family or families that may need them. I hope that whatever I can give will help. I can also make phonecalls or send emails for evacuees trying to reach family. Please contach and let me know what I can do to help.


I have a lot of clothes kids (boys, girls can get just about any size and adult too). I have family and community/church members ready and willing to donate personal items to any hurricane families. please email requests.


Dont forget about the displaced hurricane victims in North Louisiana..We currently have between 22,000 and 28,000 people here, most having left before the storm hit and they have lost everything also..Call any church, Salvation Army on Stoner Avenue, Hirsch Coll, the La. State Fairgrounds, KSLA Channel 12, KTBS Channel 3, Channel 6 or any radio station to offer help.


[ITEMS HAVE BEEN DONATED] We have many preschool videos (VHS), children's books, hotwheel cars, stuffed animals and toiletries. We can ship these to you from MA. God bless you.


I have 5 39Gallon bags full of toys, clothes for girls ages 5-7 years old, stuffed animals, tons of children videos and children books and shoes for girls size 12-13 please email me...would like to donate all this to whoever needs it


I hope I can help....

Girls size 2T, 3T and 4T clothing
Jr Girls size 9 and 11 clothing
Little Girls shoes in size 6 and 7
Bjorn Carrier as well as a sling
Women's Medium clothing and size 8.5 shoes
Queen Bedding


I have already packed three boxes of girl clothes 12m-24m, blankets, shoes, toys, and books. I have many women's clothing sizes 14-16 if needed. The boxes are addressed and ready to go out on Tuesday (to the Marksville shelter) but if they are needed elsewhere, please let me know. I wish I could do more. God bless.


I have girls size 6 clothing and girls shoes size 13 and 1. Also some barely used toys and lots of books (mainly adult fiction) I can send along. Ask if you need anything else--I'll try to send that along, too.


This is just what i was looking for. I am a Girl Scout Leader - junior troop of 5th graders from Lumberton, New Jersey. We would like to donate toys, clothing -child and adult, school supplies - what ever is needed - we will collect. Please let us know where to send and what is needed. Thank You and God Bless!


We just this weekend gathered lots of toys and clothes in great shape, some never used, for boys/children up to age 6-7..if you are interested please let us know as soon as possible...if you are a victum of Hurricane Katrina please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.


We just this weekend gathered lots of toys and clothes in great shape, some never used, for boys/children up to age 6-7..if you are interested please let us know as soon as possible...if you are a victum of Hurricane Katrina please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.


I can send you all or any of the following:
1)gently used (GU) clothes & shoes, toys and books for girls newborn to 6 yrs.
2)GU women's clothing size 6-10, shoes size 7-8.
3)GU men's clothing size large (shirts, fleeces, shoes (101/2), socks), light jackets.
4)6 GU bath towels, 2 beach towels
5)2 GU baby blankets
6)2 sets of GU twin sheets w/pillow cases.

Steve Ackerman

We are collecting monetary donations at my business and we were going to send it to the Red Cross. Our small donation would probably get lost in the mix and not do much help. We are looking for a family with children to donate this money to in order to give a lot of help to a few fighting survivors instead of minimal to no help to wherever the Red Cross might send it.

Heather Miller

I have infant boy clothing and PJ's sizes 6-12 months, baby blankets, Avent bottles and accessories, and various infant toys. Most of the clothing items are for fall/winter wear, but I know it's very hot/humid in the area. If anyone is heading up north to stay w/relatives, maybe this would be a match. I could also separate and send only the short-sleeved/light weight items.

Best wishes to all for happy reunions and a quick return to some kind of normalcy.

Heather Miller

I have gently used clothing for a petite woman or teen girl. Mostly jeans, shorts and short sleeve tops/tanks. These range from size 0-4 petite, a few 6's. I will re-wash all and send via expedited delivery if anyone needs them.

All our best thoughts are with you.

Beth Marlin

I have gently used men's clothing (XL), and lots of boys clothes just out-grown by an average size 12 yr. old and a small 15 yr. old. Since we live in New Jersey, much of the closing consists of long pants. If anyone is being relocated to norhern areas I would be glad to ship the clothing.

lisa oaks

my husband has mens shirts in x-large 4 Tshirts 4 polo short sleeve, 4 button up business shirts and a warm fleece flannel jacket and shoes in size 10 sneakers, and baseball caps, and 3 pairs of docker type slacks in size 36 all in a new carry on luggage case with wheels. God bless all

Pam Harris

I have women's dress clothes (sizes 14-16) and shoes (size 8) and also jeans and t-shirts in the same size.

I will ship anywhere.

Nancy Wallace

I have gently used girls clothing, sizes 6, 7 & 8. Women's clothing, size 8 & Medium. Men's clothing, size L. Boys clothing, size 12-14. Also have children's toys (girls age 5-9), towels and bed linens (Queen, Single, Full). Would be happy to ship any or all of these items to wherever needed. Hope we can help a family in need.

Heidi Smith

I am in the Tampa Bay area. I have baby clothes for boys and girls size 0-3months all the way up to size 4T. I also have OTC children medications. I have infant nasal canalas and tubing. I also have a few baby toys. If you have a special need in addition to the clothing please let me know.

I will ship anywhere.


I have boys' clothing for baby boys, and 5 year olds.
I have many baby and toddler toys in good condition.
I have towels in good condition.
I'm happy to send them anywhere.


I have a number of things that I would like to donate...
I have some baby clothes, maternity clothes, toys, books and some miscelaneous household stuff...If someone needs these types of things send me a list and I would be happy to do what I can! :-)

Kelley Cloonan

I have clothes for a little girl (size 3-5) and boys clothing as well (size 5-7). Shoes for both
and toys galore!! Rescue heroes (about 40 of them and all the gear!!), games, puzzles, videos, books, stuffed animals, dolls and barbies, bedding (full and Queen), blankets...etc. I will ship anywhere!! Hope there is someone who has children who can use these items!

Jennifer Pustorino

I am a teacher. I have school supplies for students and teachers.

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