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Getting this book tonight!!! Thank you for the introduction.


That sounds like a great book. I think especially for moms, and the opposite gender parents. I would be interested in the girl book--for both me and my husband. Neither of us were raised with sisters (and now we have 2 girls), and I would just be interested in seeing how that subject matter is treated.

Jerri Ann

you one of several people that I have heard mention this book lately, gotta go get it now, you just MADE me want it bad, lol, oh well, that's what the internet is about uh, spreading the word

The Complimenting Commenter

That is a really good review and personal story. Having a new daughter does make me appreciate the little differences. But your child is still your child, no matter what. Great job!

ריצוף גרניט

I like to read your book regarding boys. This publication and discovered it hard to put it down. As in the best of guides, I was joking and the next clearing off away holes.

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