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An interesting take on the problems... even though the media often overplays the issues faced by "most" families, there is usually some truth in it. I think the struggles families face are more a function of class than success or lack thereof...


CrankMama, I couldn't agree with you more. Here's more from Po Bronson -- he's in total agreement with you as well:

"Over the last three years, I interviewed 700 families across America, asking them what they'd had to deal with. Extremely few mentioned the kinds of problems diagnosed by Supermom lit. Rather, they had old-fashioned problems like infidelity, mental illness, teen drug use, poverty, racial prejudice, custody battles, emotional frigidity and marital boredom. Every family in America has had challenges to struggle through. But the kinds of problems people actually deal with are covered by few people besides Oprah and Dr. Phil — which helped explain why they're the cultural phenomena they are."

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