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I still cannot BELIEVE that Bush called out baby einstein woman.

Yes ... let's reward someone whose goal is convince parents across the country that it's good for their teeny tiny babies to sit spellbound in front of a TV set for endless hours, and layer on some bogus debunked research linking their poorly produced videos to infant brain development.

From our President, a pat on the head for mothers everywhere.


I couldn't believe that either - it seemed totally out of place and rediculous.
As far as katrina goes, that was a year and a half ago so there might have been someone recognized last year - I don't remember.
Certainly I think we could find someone better than that.

Ann D

Meanwhile, up in Canada, the Conservatives have launched nasty Republican-style campaign ads after getting advice from a key Bush political strategist. (We're experiencing political lag -- what you've been through, but with a delay. NOT HAPPY.)


Apropos of nothing, I've noticed that Baby Einstein stuff has a lot of factual errors. One alphabet book I remember had a picture of a sea lion with the words "seal" (wrong, but close) and the Spanish "sello" (completely wrong, that's a seal like on an envelope). If they're gonna call themselves Einsteins, they ought to be smarter.

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