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Cynthia Samuels

It's often possible to enlist a core of parents to back off together. If a whole "crowd" is returning to sleep overs with popcorn fights or arts and crafts projects at the kitchen table the rest may join in. NOT always, but it might be worth a try. I also think schools should help to discourage this.


My Sister and I were just discussing this a couple of days ago. Our kids will be starting Kindergarten next year and we were wondering how to deal with all the parties that usually follow. Our only saving grace could be that the boys birthdays are in August, prime vacation time :). (We also limit the gift to $10 when we go to the neighbours, etc.)


Wow! I'm impressed that you budget ahead for the whole year! Now, THAT'S organization!

As for the party thing -- don't get me started!

Cara Fletcher

I find it very difficult when thinking of themes for the birthdays of my son.I want everything to be perfect and themes are part of the party.

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