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Her Bad Mother

For Mother's Day, and for Valentine's Day, and for every day.

Thanks for that link.


Like Her Bad Mother said, for every day.

Cynthia Samuels

Oh Cooper! I spent the 60s and part of the 70s with that poster (In its original colors) on the wall of every place I lived! In the process of the (endless) years of Vietnam I became a mother myself - sitting, in tears, rocking a newborn and watching the crash of a plane full of Vietnamese orphans bound for the US. None survived. And there I was with baby Josh - warm and healthy on the Upper West Side.

I hope you're right. I hope mothers can make a difference - but I am so mucy less sanguine that I was in those days. Which is why there have to be amazing new people like you. I think we need most to learn to talk to each other: feminists and those who live their lives without major political activity -- so that WOMEN become the force we have the right to be. As long as issues like "cocktail playdates" and "stay at home moms who don't read the newspaper" (I HATE THAT ONE -- how dare she?) divide us - we can't be the power we were born to be.
Wow. I guess as usual your warmth and commitment inspired much thought. Thanks for raising these feelings -sorry if they went overboard.

Ann D

I think mothers are scared to speak out about anything controversial. I posted about the poverty gap in my blog yesterday (specifically, about the two worlds of mothers -- those who have and those who don't have, as witnessed by two articles in The Toronto Star) and I think I freaked my blog readers out. I am really discouraged because I'm trying to work for change but it's so slow.

Ann D

Sorry, I forgot to point you to the correct blog post:

Here's where I posted:

The Mother of All Blogs


ann adams

Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

Also, thanks for the post about the ridiculous "mommy" wars.


That is just so moving. People tend to think if you want the war to stop your not supporting the troups which really bothers me because we are caring about all the dying.I love how it was worded in kindness and not hate. So often there is such hate in the voices condemning the war that the message of peace gets lots.


LOVE it. I've written about this group and am currently preparing an article for publication about how anti-war maternaism of the Vietnam era informs out understanding of Iraq, the first war in which a sizable number of American mothers have been combatants.

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