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Thanks, (again!), for the love!

I agree -- LawyerMama's post is really great!


What is it about people like Linda Hirschman and Ann Coulter saying anything to get attention these days, the more outrageous the better?!? It's so tiresome and transparent. I hate to even write their names because it plays into their hopes and dreams of just being noticed ... like the little kid in first grade who jumps up and down to be called upon because she just wants the teacher to pay attention to her, but then doesn't have the answer to the question the teacher is asking. Sit down little girl, and think, think about something constructive to say.


Gah. Okay, so Hirshman found a couple of women who don't read newspapers. Plenty more do. And I'd be willing to bet there are just as many men as women out there who fail to arm themselves with information.


Interesting, um, "research" she conducted.

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