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ann adams

I wrote a post about them too.

I like yours better.


I did a little post about the Chicks shortly after the album came out (I still call them albums). The CD has been in my car player ever since and my daughter loves singing "Not Ready to Make Nice." She's only four, and can't really understand what she's singing, but I get a charge out of it anyway. I hope she will grow up to have the courage of her convictions.


I was SOOO excited to heat about their win! It's exciting when women take a stand for something they believe in and, ultimately, com out on top!

Sand Gets in my Eyes

Go Dixie Chicks! Here's my thoughts on the topic - AND what their wins represent!



I still can't believe she got death threats for having a differing opinion from some of the County Music listeners. It's sad. I was glad they won also! It speaks volumes about the "divide" here in the US.

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