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It makes you wonder, if we can't take care of our own, a wealthy nation like the US,how can these other countries rebuild after disasters?


How can we send the message that we are DONE with the excuses and inaction? We obviously need a leader who will make change happen in NOLA and the Gulf Coast, but, in the meantime, what can we do now? Is it petitions, emails, letters? Is it a mothers march for Katrina? Is it a boycott (well, girlcott) of something? Is it a day of outrage, where mothers across the country put signs on their cars and stickers on their shirts?

Internet - we can figure this out. Ideas!


I"m with you, Cooper. Surely, there is something us mothers can do to put the Gulf Coast on the country's agenda. Girlcott certainly has a ring to it! Or something around Mother's Day?




Mother's Day--do we have enough time to tell our kids and significant others that what we really want for MD is to help other mothers who really need it--and then get those donations funneled to the proper place? I'm big on ideas, short on organization.

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