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What a beautifully written post, Emily.



This goes to the heart of mommyblogging, doesn't it? Writing our little stories, and occasionally touching the lives of others, sometimes without even knowing we do it.

Just beautiful, Emily.


Thank you so much for this post. Just the slap I needed today to remember what I should be focusing on more.

Beth B.

Beautiful post. It was comforting especially since I just recieved a box from a husband of a friend of mine that just died of lung cancer. It had pictures of our friendship.


Oh Beth, I'm so sorry you lost your friend. I'm so so sad for you.

How wonderful though that your friend created such a treasure for you, knowing that you would enjoy the photos certainly, but really it was all about her taking the time to put it together for you. Wow. Isn't it incredible that you came across this post just as you received her present? Amazing sometimes how the universe lines up to give us a little of what we need in the moment we need it.

Your post is the very first thing I read this morning, and thank you so much for writing, because I know I'm going to think about it throughout the day, and it's going to give context to everything else. I sending you and your friend's family a big hug and very best wishes.


Thank you for writing this post. The courage of women like Erin and Mrs. Edwards' are stunning, overwhelming and inspiring. Thanks for reminding.

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