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dr. susan rubin

Here's the global issue that affects all of us. It's the F word, FOOD!

Our kids are sicker and fatter than ever. They are bombarded with media messages to eat the wrong stuff, given junk food rewards in school, not to mention what passes for food in most school cafeterias across the country.
What's a mom to do? Get ANGRY! That mama bear energy can be super powerful when put to good use.

Schools tell us that it costs too much to feed kids healthier food, why is that? Another F word, the Farm Bill. Right now the reason that poor quality junk is so cheap and real food like fresh locally grown fruits and veggies are so expensive comes down to the farm bill.

This isn't just about our kids getting sicker and fatter (as if that isn't enough) this comes down to our survival on this planet. Our over industrialized, chemical hungry, petroleum gobbling food system is in need of a major overhaul. It's simply not sustainable to grow our food with chemicals, drive it across the country- the average food travels 1500 miles from farm to fork. We need to find a better way and we need to find it now.

We need more angry moms who will step out of their comfort zone and take a stand for their children's health.

Susan Rubin, DMD


I'm thinking, I'm thinking!


Hi Cooper and Emily,

Great idea! I'm having trouble logging into Blogher. But I am fired up by your idea and want to contribute. Can we leave our idea for the Number One Global Issue here?

Without a doubt, the global issue that we need to force into the public consciousness is nuclear waste contaminating our land and poisoning our bodies. This isn't just a theory or a fear of something that will happen in the future, this is happening right now in the pacific northwest. This issue reigns supreme over any other issue that I am also concerned with such as global warming, the war in Iraq, and social equity and justice. And the reason for my myopic focus on this issue is because I'm finding that most people are not even aware of this imminent and present danger. I blog about it here:


and here: http://babywhisperingloudly.typepad.com/babywhisperingloudly/2007/05/arid_lands.html

and here: http://babywhisperingloudly.typepad.com/babywhisperingloudly/2007/05/people_who_feel.html

I feel confident that IF ONLY PEOPLE KNEW what is really happening to the environment and all who inhabit it under the name of "national security" or "fighting the terrorists" or stopping other countries from developing weapons of mass destruction when we are on the edge of blowing ourselves up, people would compel our government to do something about it before it is too late.

Thanks so much for inspiring this effort,



Wonderful Idea!!!

In terms of BlogHers Act, I hope we focus on the broad global issue of education/child care.

Shannon from Peter's Cross Station has a great post up today on the undervaluing of women's work, especially in terms of child care, teaching, and home schooling: http://lilysea.blogs.com/peterscrossstation/2007/06/thatll_be_50k_p.html

My top 4 election issues are:

1) The war in Iraq/Afghanistan/perhaps-soon-Iran
2) Global warming. Please DO NOT use the pallid right-wing "it's not so bad" phrase 'climate change.'
3) Access to and cost of health care
4) Equal access to civil rights for all

David Wescott

this is a marvelous idea. A week or so ago I wrote a post openly wondering if the presidential candidates were having the same discussion as moms. I compared tag clouds of the debates with a tag cloud of a month's worth of posts at "The Soccer Mom Vote."


I think I'll follow this movement and compare the discussion here with the individual candidates, and perhaps develop an index to determine which candidate is talking about the things you'd like her or him to...

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