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Goodness that post stirred up a lot of emotions didn't it?

As I don't know who they are referring to I can't comment on it. The only thing that stuck out for me is the point made about education and family time.

You don't need to be in a classroom for education and any time you spend with your children no matter where you are should be quality time. Easier said than done and If I find the formula I'll let you know. :-)


Elizabeth is a fabulous woman and I'm not surprised HER choices have come under fire again...

Wrote this up over at Babble the other day...


Cynthia Samuels

Emily I'm so glad you wrote about this! I've been neck-deep in deadlines and would have missed it completely. I did post about it - here - http://dontgelyet.typepad.com/dontgeltoosoon/2007/08/elizabeth-edwar.html
As usual, you and Cooper have perfect pitch where issues (and most other things) are concerned. This was an important time to demonstrate that.


Yup, I also wrote about it over at DC Metro Moms. I found it particularly interesting that as the attention to the SV post heated up, the author tried to back away from the most incendiary comments.

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