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What an amazing, valuable experience to get to be a part of, Emily. Your question was wonderful. But was it answered as you hoped for? Besides "get the word out"... is there something more specific for us to know about?

ann adams

Cooper just emailed me that you have a post up. This is great although it's also sad.

We take so much for granted.


As Mom-101 said, truly amazing. And inspiring. As an adoptive mother, I'm partial to Angelina, notwithstanding all the media hype about her. What she says is true -- how can we get started?

Ann D

How fascinating. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


I applaud you for speaking up and for phrasing your question so well. You obviously got Angelina's attention in a very positive way. I hope she finds the time to join The Motherhood!!!


Thanks for your comments and kind words! To Mom101's point, I thought Angelina's answer was pretty great. The people who answered my question first spent a fair amount of time talking and included mention of their websites and programs underway that we could get directly involved with. When Angelina stepped forward to answer too, the moderator had already picked someone to ask the next question so, in the space of the press briefing room with all these people wanting to raise their hands and be called on, she didn't have a lot of leeway to dive in deep.

Next time I'd love to sit around a table with her and dive into the conversation!!! (If only :-) !!!)


Wow! Emily, how great that you were there and able to ask a question.
I do think education is the key. So many people just don't understand or really get it. Of course, I think it would be hard to really get it without going there, seeing it, living it for a while (which I've not done either ftr).
I struggle with how to help - and I think educating the future generation will go far, but that also implies we are teaching our kids about it so that they can fix it too - I hope that all these issues will have solutions (or good head-ways) by the time my kids are adults!
I want to do things now! I want to find ways to do something today.


That was cooler than my wildest dreams.

I'm so stoked now. Bring on BlogHers Act!!!!!


Hey cool, if I know Emily, and Emily knows Angelina Jolie, that puts me at only two degrees of separation from Brad Pitt!

Oh, you mean there was a more important point to be made here???

Seriously, I think that was an amazing question, and I love the fact that she (and the other speakers) really seemed to give it decent consideration. Way wicked cool, as usual. I've just come to expect you guys to be awesome, you know!


How great!

Emily, have you actually invited Angelina to have a conversation? I know some excellent mom bloggers who are going to be meeting with Elizabeth Edwards very soon....

Some people, like EE, are tapped into the power of Mommybloggers; maybe Angelina is, or could be, one of those people. You never know what will happen when you ask nicely.


DaniGirl, you are hilarious and wonderful (as always!) and Kim, I love the idea of reaching out to Angelina and seeing how we might help her tap the Mommybloggers!!!! She's got amazing stories to tell, and the moms would be all ears! What the hexk ... it's worth a try!

Angelina Jolie Gossips

LOL Angelina Jolie is Great, go all the way :)

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