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Cynthia Samuels

You go girl! It looks to me like it just gets tougher and tougher - I know it's far worse that it was when my kids were little. Then programmers wonder why so many families stick with videos, or even cancel their cable.

I'm a big First Amendment girl, but every day TV seems to push the limit and make it easier to attack the precious Bill of Rights. Maybe this is the next job for the League of Maternal Justice!


Thank you! I feel like I'm the only mother around who doesn't let her kids watch the brats on the suite life. I am so sick of the lousy examples on "kid's" shows!

ann adams

Agreed. We can't censor them but we can protest by changing the channel (although to what I'm not sure) and letting them know we've done it.

Hope you, Emily, and families are enjoying the holiday season, however you celebrate (or don't).

Hugs from California.


First I wanted to take Britney by the hand and give her a hug, hide her from society then give her a shake to open her eyes and see exactly what she is missing in her kids lives. Now, her sister too?! That family needs huge intervention, starting with the Mom and dwindling down to the kids. There must be someone out there that can get through to them.

And no, we don't watch those channels.


Well said. I get so fed up at some of the antics in so called children's shows.

With children of a similar age to you it's hard stopping any one of them from watching what the older one may be viewing even though they are levelled at children.

I could write a ream here about some of the things I'd like to complain about in the same vein as this. I know we can't protect our children from everything but society in general could help make parenting easier.


I thought after the initial news of the pregnancy broke that this story might go away for awhile, but alas, no. And I am getting a little tired of the people who say, "if you don't like it, don't let your kids watch the show." Well, okay. But then I have to explain to my eight year old WHY he's no longer allowed to watch. Either way, I'm going to have to explain something to him that I didn't want to have to explain just yet.

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