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Jennifer, Snapshot

Oh yea!

I'm still processing, but you did a nice "brain dump," which is what I think I would do if I managed to write everything in one chunk.

Jennifer James

That was a great letter. Saturday night was definitely the best!


Really well said, Cooper! I had forgotten about the underground recycling center until I read this. And yes, every single person I encountered last weekend, from Karen Hanes to the lady who sold me a sandwich in our hotel, they all just oozed Disney love. I felt such an incredible amount of positive energy while we were there, both from the Disney folks AND from all of the bloggers! Maria brought together an incredible cross-section of bloggers, most of us had never met, and yet we felt like instant friends! I'll never forget that trip.

Just Pure Lovely

It was so great to meet you Cooper! I sure do wish we'd have had more time. Love the photo of you and Jennifer (on the next post).


Hi Cooper!
I second what Lori said (about wishing we had more time). You couldn't be a sweeter person and I'm so happy to have had the chance to meet you. :)

design mom

I love your way of acknowledging the people you come across in your experiences. What a good soul you are.


Great post! Love how some of you have the ability to wrap up an entire weekend in one post, whereas it takes me three posts to tell about my trip home! Ha! :0)

Cooper, it was SUCH a delight to meet you.

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