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The fact that Wii Fit gives you a chance to work out is a god sent.

Mildred Perez

I would love to win this prize.

Lee Klein

I'm notorious for starting a tought workout plan, exercising like crazy for a month, then quit because I'm tired of it. I just get bored with doing the same thing all the time but planning different activites takes too much time and energy.

If could just learn to start slow and easy and take baby steps!

Shelly Dee

Every step I take is painful. Its either the 10-inch metal plate and nine 2-inch screws on my tibia or its my atrophied knee ligaments and tendons, but my knee kills. Every step.
I broke my leg really badly in December,2007 and have had 2 surgeries and will have another end June. This lack of mobility has been excruciating.
Particularly because I am the mother of four kids and host mom to one exchange student. Five kids between 9 and 17 years old! And imagine I couldn't drive for 3 months.
So I cannot take the kids out to the park or bike riding or swimming. I have to find indoor activities that I can do with them. We've been playing alot of cards and watching dvds and tv. Becoming couch potatoes.
I think winning a Wii and Wii Fit will make me the most popular gimp in the family! Its something I could do with the kids that's fun and active but doesn't require running or jumping. I do balance board training at physical therapy so I know I'm up for it. My kids love video games so maybe they wouldn't realize they're actually getting exercise while we're all having fun.
Keeping your children fit and healthy is a chore even when you, the mom, are healthy. Trust me, it becomes a huge burden when your body is recuperating from surgery and trauma. Winning a Wii Fit would make me a hero, give me a fun activity to do with the kids and keep us all in shape!


Well, I've had five babies, and I think I still looked OK until Number 5 came in at 9 pounds 1 oz, and I'm just about 5'1". It's been next to impossible to lose the baby weight (and now he's 13!), so I really need this WII. I'm in the house a lot because of all the kids, so a WII system would absolutely be a joy to win!

Jennifer Russell

Well...I lost the weight with the first one just fine.
The 2nd child was a little iffy.
The 3rd one I only lost 1/2 of it
The 4th child's baby weight will be with me till the day I die lol

Susan Smith

After having two kids I was never able to get back to shape I was before I had kids. Winning the WiiFit would be a great insentive for me to work out and get in better shape.

Louise Brouillette

The Wii Fit would be great for anyone who wants to get back into shape.

Donna S.

I was pretty fit about 2 years ago. I was at a healthy weight and had tone to my body. Then I was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal breast cancer. Fast forward through Chemo for 5 months, radiation, 7 surgeries and now weekly chemo maintenance infusions. My body has lost all of it's tone and muscle. I gained weight from the steroids I had to take (to cut the risk for allergic reaction to the chemo). My body lost it's muscle and tone from lying in bed so much from not feeling well. I try to walk on the treadmill, but it's not making a difference as far as weight loss and toning up again. I would really love to win this because it seems like a realistic work out, something you can do on a daily basis and not become bored! Thank you for the giveaway.

Elizabeth S

Oh yeah. Gained 80 pounds in 2 months when my thyroid started acting up....uhhh...down. Wii really need to get fiit.

Denise Mower

My grandkids love video games, and I love seeing something that makes them more active.

Stephanie Durant

Nintendo is doing a great job at keeping people interested in fitness and making it fun for everyone! I've even seen seniors playing the Wii at the Assisted living home that I volunteer at! Amazing! :)

Stephanie Zachrich

This Wii Fit will get me moving up, down and side to side! My husband and I are losing weight with weight watchers' program and we are both into video games! Playing the WiiFit together will further motivate and keep us interested in our health goals and lifestyle! After all, the family that plays together, stays together!


A Wii Fit would definitely improve my life, as it would be very fun and motivational. I need to incorporate excercise in my life daily for my health and stamina, and this would be make me healthier. With the health problems I have, I was told to excercise as much possible, and the Wii Fit would be a "perfect Fit" for me! Thank-you! :-)

Dana Johnson

I am young but still have cronic back pain and have had it for many years now, it is hard to stay active and having 2 children, it is even harder to get out and do stuff for ME, I dont get to go on walks or the gym unless I want to tag alone a double stroller, I would love to have something to do to help me while still being in the house.

Jessica Maurer

The Wii Fit sounds amazing. Getting to exercise indoors, without having to be embarassed of workin' up a sweat in front of others is great. I know I'd feel a lot more comfortable exercising in the comfort of my own home. I think the Wii Fit would help me shape up and look beautiful for when my hubby comes home from Iraq. Oooh lala!

Tammy Darling

First of all, I don't know how to blog yet, so I'll post here. Second, thank you for the contest.
We recently moved and our new neighbors on both sides have vicious dogs that are frequently loose. The kids and I are not getting the type of normal outdoor play/exercise that we should. It's my understanding that the Wii & Wii Fit are a great alternative to regular video games. It's sounds as if it would be a great motivater for our whole family to get up and move even if we're trapped in the house.


This would be a fun way for me to get more active and fit. Thanks for the cool giveaway. :)

By the way, I posted about your giveaway at http://welcometothemotherhood.blogspot.com/2008/05/motherhoodbeen-there-how-wii-want-to.html

Thomas Loecken

Great prize

chris swanson

WOW great prize. I lost 48 lbs on weight watchers in 1998 and kept it off until I got pregnant in 2000 with my first child and then gained from there on with my second one. I really need to get in shape so I won't be so far behind my kids when they are running around. This summer my goal is to lose some weight and the kids to learn to ride bikes with training wheels at least-- maybe even without them! YEAH.

Stacey Shehorn

I have been there and done that. Right now is the time for me to make positive changes for life. I recently had heart tests that were abnormal and I want to get fit and be healthy for me and for my family. They would starve to death if I wasnt around to cook. lol


Sounds great for the whole family and a decent way to give the kids something to do on rainy days.

Tammy R.

I could use the exercise. I'm not an outdoor person.

valerie phillips

This is an awesome idea, another great idea to help get our kids healthy, and mom too.

Margaret Smith

What a awesome prize. I could so use this, especially the wii fit. Since having my second son, I just can't seem to loose the weight. I've tried everything. I think this would be a fun way of trying to get back into shape. Thanks for this giveaway.


Everything Wii is fun and I know the balance board and games will be too. I get bored with "ordinary" exercise and would love to put some pizzazz into it with this set.

Nikki Barger

I have resisted the temptations to get our son a video gaming system of any kind, because I was worried about the effects of non-movement on his health. Myself and my husband are both overweight, and while we're eating healthier and losing weight, I'm afraid that he'll remember our previous lifestyle choices and revert to them... but now that the Wii is available, I'm not as leery about allowing my son to "play" video games after school and during summer break, because the movement factor is such a huge benefit! I would love to win this for him!

Sarah Lehan

I have a friend who has a wii and her whole family loves it. This new wii fit looks like a good, fun motivator. (no blog) Thanks for the contest.

Shilo Beedy

I have had two kids and would love to loose some excess weight. I tried getting fit about a month ago. I quit drinking soda and tried doing crunches every day. But when I tried to exercise my toddler would try to sit on my face. He would play with my hair and try to do everything he could to distract me from exercising. I need something fun to get my up and exercise. I also want the wii fit so I can learn the exercises the correct way. I would go jogging outside but it would be hard to take my toddler with me.

Megan B.

Wow, what a fantastic prize! I would absolutely love to win this. I recently had to travel to a third world country for a long time and wasn't able to go outside much on my own, so I felt my muscle really deteriorated from lack of movement. As such, I tried as much as I could to eat healthy to not gain weight, which helped, but I lost a lot of toned, healthy muscle. Since then, I really need to regain my strength and tone, and this would really motivate me to do so. I really thank you for such an amazing contest, I am crossing my fingers!!!

cathy miller

I'd so love to win this, I am a 6 year breast cancer survivor and exercise we've learned recently is an essential part of remaining cancer free. This would be perfect for me and anyone who wants to get fit, and stay fit.

Donna Coughlin

WOW great prize

Melissa Reeder

I need to win this! I am struggling to lose my pregnancy weight. My daughter is 3 months old and I really want to fit into my size 6 jeans again. Please, help me!

Tonya Keener

I simply hate to exercise. It is boring as all get out. If you gave me this wonderful gift it would be fun to exercise


With summer just around the corne I need all the help can get. Also, this would be awesome for my daughter to use as she is a preteen and is a little chunky. We could do the Wii Fit together.

Barbara McCrea

oh please pick me, pick me, I would love to have this, I'm sure it would help me alot, thanks for the chance to win.

Connie Rupp

As I turn 43, I would love to have this to get back into the shape that I was at 23!


After having 4 children, the pounds started to creep on. Last October, I lost my father. While doing the memorial board, I realized there weren't any pictures of me. That's because I'd gotten so heavy, I wouldn't have my picture taken anymore. I joined Weight Watchers the next week. I started out at 202lbs-at 5'4" tall, that's a lot of weight. I've lost almost 30 pounds so far and have begun using the treadmill at work after my shift is over. I've read about the Wii Fit and I'm sure it's for me. I'd be able to use this during the day while the kids are at school.
My funniest workout story: A few years ago I spent big money and joined a gym. My youngest was just a baby then and I was always running late trying to get her dressed and packed for the on-site childcare they had there so I could make the aerobics class. I threw some clothes in a bag and dashed out the door, barely having time to drop her off in the childcare room and change into my workout clothes. I did the whole class not realizing the workout pants I had chosen had the butt chewed out of them from the dog-there was a nice gaping hole in the back. I'm sure everyone behind me that day got a laugh out of staring at my underwear.
Hey, if I win the Wii Fit, I can do it in my underwear without anyone laughing at me!

Jill Myrick

Even after giving birth to two children in two years I have always managed to stay toned and in shape until recently.
My father in law passed away about a year ago and we had to move my mother in law in with us as she was unable to stay alone.
She is a truly wonderful woman that I love dearly. But I am unable to leave her home alone unless I can find someone to sit with her which is rare.
So in the past year I have steadily put on weight. As I am homebound with her and unable to get out. It is getting so that I don't know who I am when I look in the mirror. And my clothing is way beyond fitting anymore.
But I just can't leave her alone as she cries and gets upset. And I love her too much to see her go through that.
So this would be so perfect for me because I would be at home with her but also getting the exercise that I so desperately need.
Thank you so much for offering this wonderful contest.
I would LOVE to win !!


After overcoming a pituitary tumor which caused me to gain over 100 lbs, (and undergo 3 brain surgeries) I lost the weight and regained my self-esteem. Less than 2 months ago I gave birth to my first child, a baby girl, and now find myself struggling to lose weight once again. This wii would allow me to work out without hiring a babysitter. (Although I bet my husband would like me to get out of the apartment so he can play with our new Wii...)

Stacey W.

I can't seem to find an exercise plan that motivates me, so I simply don't exercise. If I had a fun way to do it, I know I'd stay with it. I really need to lose some weight.

Thanks for the contest!


With two little kids, it can be tough getting out of the house some days. I can't stand the gym, anyway! I'd love Wii fit as a way to get in better shape and make exercise a fun family activity. I think if my parents had made exercise fun when we were kids, we'd all be a lot healthier.

marleen davis

I can't think of anything or program I haven't tried in the last 30 years! Now I'm so arthritic that even exercise is an effort. However, I think that this WiiFit would be very beneficial in aiding my efforts. Thanks for the contest


the Wii is already so much fun, I can't wait to try the fit.


one of the things that i've noticed is that nintendo is makes really great products. i'd love to win. over the years i've gotten pretty heavy. i think i look good and i feel good. so i can't say that i am not happy where i am at but i am getting older and it never hurts to keep in shape. hey one thing i know for sure is that this would help me keep diabetes at bay. thanks for the chance.

Theresa Jenkins

I'm in the process of a life style change since having a heart attack on my 50th birthday!been thinking of getting the wii fit as my workout program...would be nice to win it.thanks

Tania W

I suffer from chronic asthma and allergies so it's very difficult for me to do outdoor exercise. A WII Fit would be an excellent resource to get my body in shape to deal with my chronic health problems. It sounds like so much fun too!


I can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with this product and getting and using it! I recently had my thrid baby. I had complications after the pregnancy which had me in the hospital then on complete bedrest. It was only a week ago -- 3 months after my baby was born that I got the okay to begin to excersize. I am so ready! After each baby the weight came off and I got more fit than ever. It is harder this time. Maybe it is because I am older, maybe the monhs of being a "slug"! This would help me so much as it would add another dimension to trying to not only lose these last 15 pounds, but to get fit and toned again. Anything that gives me some variety, keeps me interested and swiches up those normal routines is not only fun -- but helps me pass those plateaus that make me crazy, crazy, crazy! We planned on getting a Wii for our kids for their birthdays later this year...but now that their Mom and Dad are starting to want it more than them...I don't think we will make it that long! It just kills my esteem to be bigger than regular -- I want to wear my jeans and be able to tuck in shirts again! I want to be able to pass along ALL of my maternity clothes and not still need some of them. Help! This is just the answer -- and would also be something to promote the fitness and fun for my whole family! (as long as they -- husband especially -- doesn't end up looking better than me! :) -- (just joking!) Thank you so much for the chance! Fingers crossed tight!

Marilyn Wons

I have maintained my weight for decades by daily exercise. I walk, run or use my bike for two hours everyday. Before I started to exercise daily my weight was never stable and I did not feel as good as I do now.

Jennifer Short

I lost 60 pounds a couple years ago, but then there were a lot of stresses including the death of my father, and I gained most of it back. I'd love to win this so I could lose what I gained back -- and more!

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