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I'm loving mine too!
So how did you do this Wii Fit Party ... just had everyone play under the same Mi person, or did nintendo send you a special version that allows multiple players?
Either way, I'm jealous of the party - that's a great idea! I've been playing mine like crazy ... and I've turned into a snowball a few times too! LOL

Adventures In Babywearing

This looks SO FUN and Emily, you look GREAT. What are you talking about you crazy woman!?! : )



I tried to find a Wii Fit today without success...

Those drinks/Jello shots look scrumptious. Do you share recipes?


The Wii Fit would be a great way for my son and I to "work out" together. The sneaky "mom's way" of getting the child to exercise while he thinks he playing a game. Hey, we might even get dad out of the man's cave to join us!


Wow, you guys seem to have so much fun. I missed entering your contest due to the fact that I was away on vacation. From what I have seen though, Wii Fit seems like a really great workout tool. Now to convince Hubby of the same thing ;).

Garden Hose Bib

This game is absolutely amazing!!! There are 4 different types of training:Strength, Balance, Aerobics, and Yoga. You can track your weight and BMI using the balance board. It keeps up with your weight loss goals too! Nearly all of the exercises seem more like games than exercise, after nearly 2 hours of playing this morning I feel like I've done more than I ever had at the gym. Try the Hula Hoop game or the tight rope walk, they are my favorite so far.

Martin Wii Fit Chrimes

I used a Wii Fit for the first time at Christmas and played the hula hoop game. Oh my goodness i cannot tell you how much my calf muscles started to hurt. I definitely think it does provide some benefit and yes i think you can look like a pratt but most of all it's great fun!

I wont be letting my girlfriend see this i cant bear the thought of a Wii FIt girly gathering.......only kidding.

קלאב מד

I am almost in the worst shape of my life, and complained how depressed and I am that season costume is almost here.

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