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I am really, really allergic to fire ant bites. All this scares the heck out of me.


It was great to meet and hang out with you yesterday!

Leighann of D-Mom Blog

Thanks for the link...will definitely check it out!

The state park where we always camp is covered in poison ivy. Everywhere. Have you tried to keep a 2 yo and 5 yo out of poison ivy when it's along the paths and at the edge of the campsites?

What's worse? A husband who for some reason you have to remind every single time what it looks like.

Just ask my daughter: leaves of three, let it be.


I shared the itch:


Consider yourself blogged AND scratched ;)


Liz, you are the BEST!!!!!!!!  I love love love your post (and am feeling all itchy too!)!!!  Thank you for all the love.  Im sending it ALL right back to you, wonderful friend!


Leighann, AND a poison ivy rash sticks around for one to four weeks.  If it catches on fire (in a campfire, say) you can get a rash from the smoke.  I love leaves of three, let it be! 


Danielle, it was so great to meet you too!!  After all your hard work on behalf of the #NWFMoms especially!

Jennifer James

This is so depressing, but such important information for us all to know!


I know, Jennifer, it is such a depressing topic.  I liked the approach of NWF of saying if we document whats going on around us, in our lives, thats having an impact, more people might care about actually doing something to stop climate change.  One can hope anyways!


My in-laws live in Georgia and the ticks have been horrible there. They are constantly finding them attached to their bodies! Yuck!


The poison ivy sort of freaks my freak. My oldest had it over 1/3 of his body...AWFUL. AND, if you were to burn it to get rid of it...it will go INTO YOUR LUNGS!!! Now, the mosquitos too? Yikes.


Global Warming is a problem created by the human race, now its only on us to save the planet. lets all try to take small initiatives to make a large impact. Can't happen in a day, would take centuries to get in control.


I have taken a small initiative, by educating people, helping them understand the need to conserve out planet.

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